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 What better way to end this fashion week with the FW12 Rad by Rad Hourani Unisex Collection #5. I worked with the Rad Hourani team again this season, and I couldn’t be happier. It was a shock to see him use blue in ss12, but when I saw the green I was really taken back. I love it! Not only was his collection full of the two shades (both I love), but his collection consisted of about 5 very unexpected items: Cardigans, Classic Button ups, Sweaters, Hoodies, and back-packs! He even introduced satin into his collection.

I really haven’t been so excited about a hoodie or a sweater in my life… really! I probably said that about 80 times throughout the week, too. The collection was pretty toned down than expected, but still very true to his classic sharp shapes. I could see how proud Rad was to show his new designs. All of the pieces were so good! Really, the collection and clothing will always be a favorite and priority in my “To Buy” list. Lets not forget about those harnesses… NEED!

Rad Hourani FW12/


I mean, I would love to see a business women walk past me (or just work with one) in a leather business suit.  Almost a dominatrix Stepford Housewife.

Reem Acra FW12/


I’m not even sure what to say about this collection other then ‘Stunning.’ Sally LaPointe usually always delivers a beautiful women’s collection. This season isn’t any different, because I love pretty much everything about it! Head-to-Toe. My Favorite has to be that red silk that she used. I could probably live in those leather shirts too… with a nice red silk button up (I mean Sally, wanna hook a brotha up with a blood red silk button-up?). Really though, I just love how every piece, and every look is very well tailored. I mean I can’t image any women not wanting to look like a Sally LaPointe Women.

What I love most is the story of her inspiration coming to life.

“The Metamorphosis” By Franz Kafka
“One Day Gregor Samsa wakes up to find he has been transformed into a giant insect like creature. He goes through a process of isolation and neglect, consequently leading him to his early death.
An emotional and beautiful narrative about one’s transformation and the adverse effects that follow”

Sally LaPointe FW12/


I would first like to thank Izzy of Tim Hamilton for allowing me push back the zoo that is Milk Studios. I went to see Tim Hamilton’s presentation that was a mix of emotions. Whole bunch color in another men’s collection, and still so tasteful. The collection was super simple, which I love. And, Really? Women in Menswear? SO GOOD. I must say, all these presentations are really bringing in some color into my life… SOME. Tim, though, did it almost perfectly for me. I love the hints in a lot of the looks. The purple turtle neck in the all black suit, green lined jacket, navy and blue sweaters; Pretty good, I must say. My only concern is how badly I really want those turtlenecks… ’cause I really really want them.

I managed to snap a few photos of the presentation before it pretty much turned into a party.

Tim Hamilton FW12 Presentation/


An early show, but a really good way to wake up. Traditional Korean clothes to a ‘whole nother level’.

Park Choon Moo FW12 /





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